The Best Sanitizer Wipes Around - Sani Cloth Plus Wipes 70%

The Best Sanitizer Wipes Around - Sani Cloth Plus Wipes 70%

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We all know that keeping astrict hygiene regime protects people  from contracting bacterial and viral infections, the recent onslaught of the covid virus did a lot to spur the populations towards personal hygiene. We have a lot of wipe brands out there and they are all good in our opinion and serves almost the same purpose though they may come in different chemical components and how effective they may be will come into question .

The reason we wanted to bring your attention to Sani-cloth wipe is it's ability to solidly protect against bacterial and virus infections, with a 70% strong alchoholic content you are sure of absolute destruction of bacteria and virus pathogenes. The wipes are soft which allows for easier use and feels better during use. The sani-cloth wipes comes in different strengths, there is the normal version, the improved super plus but it is left for you to make your choice . Sani-cloth wipes are well sought after by hospitals and medical professionals.  

How to use Sani-Cloth wipes:

Sani-Cloth wipes comes as a tube with  200 wipes or the smaller one of 125 wipes but they are pretty much the same thing and just depends on what you can afford, to get the best protection first start with washing your hands very well, use a running tap and soap to wash your hands, dry  with hand tissue or air dryer if available, then use Sani-cloth wipes afterwards , wiping both inside and back of your palms . Take care to go inbetween your fingers, bacteria may be hiding there also as most people do not do a thorough washing of their hands, dispose of the used wipes in a safe place, preferably a bin and make sure it's out of reach for kids.
The actual tube of wipes should be kept completely out of the reach of children, either it is  put in a cupboard and locked or be kept very high on the shelf where children cannot reach it. The best safety is to put it in a first aid box and locked away.

Due to high concentration of alchohol in the Sanicloth wipe, please make sure it does not come near your eyes, also try to open your windows for air before or after use if the string smell of alchohol makes you feel bad.
From all the wipes we have been opportuned to use and sell in our shop, we picked out the sanicloth wipe as the best out there.

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