Active  Woman Eau De Parfum by Chris Adams

Active Woman Eau De Parfum by Chris Adams

Jun 12, 2022 Home , Fragrance 2 Comments

Active woman Eau De Parfume will give you atleast  5 hours of smooth fruity and vanilla kind of smell which suites women.

With packaging that can pass for a collector's item the Active Woman Parfume remains one of the best packaged frgrance around. The fantastic thing about Active Woman is the price range, this can be purchased for between £10 to £15 and when compared to the quality it is good value for the price.

It comes in an 80ml bottle that can last for an average of 6 weeks if it is well used, this fragrance is the sort that keeps you smelling nice all day, it has  mild and steady fruity, vanilla and roses smell that maintains for 5 hours, it's not a very strong fragrance that can intrude into the normal smell around but it reeks midly  of combination of vanilla, fruits and roses that will make it's mark in the surrounding but not intrusive.

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